Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't you (Forget About Me)!

Guys, apologies! I was so busy this weekend. Since the stepmonkeys are gone I had to tend to the house. (I imagine myself with a toothpick hanging from my mouth, wearing overalls, and leaning on my rake. Like I'm saying "tend the farm" *takes toothpick out and spits. Puts toothpick back in.*) We kind of let it go and opted for lots of pajama movie days and living like pigs instead of keeping the house clean. I blame Christmas. And cake. And tryptophan. Just kidding, WebMD says that tryptophan making you sleepy is a bunch of bull hockey. So, it was obviously the cake.

I weighed Friday. After 5 days I was down 3 pounds. I'll take that. I weighed again this morning to start the week off. Same. I'll take that too. No gain is good news and I'll take it. Friday I even resisted free sushi, cake, and the opportunity to drink wine with friends. WINE. I miss you, you delicious calorie ridden bringer of fun. I had soda water. But, I had had lemons and limes so it was basically the same as having wine? (say like, "I'm Ron Burgundy?"... "Dammit! Who typed a question mark on the teleprompter?"...I digress...)

I don't expect anything major as far as weight loss this week. The second week for me is usually a gaining week. That's always fun to see the number go up on the scale. I'm going to take my first set of progress pictures tonight. The Whole30 that did that I posted pictures of the other day, I really didn't lose all that much weight, my body composition just changed up. Like I said, I don't put much stock into weight. Although I do need to lose some, I only want to get back to 150 and that will come with time. I don't believe in miracle pills etc. A good diet and exercise is the only way to do it.

So, I felt really good, and full of energy all weekend. Which is fantastic, because lately I've had NO energy at all. It never ceases to amaze me how food affects my body. I haven't been sleeping that great though. Part of it is probably because we just switched mattresses and I'm still getting used to it. I really don't want to depend on that beautiful little bringer of sleep, Tylenol P.M. I'm holding out. It will come. (That's what she said.)

Enough about that. Time for randomness.

I always find it amusing to hear a song and I immediately correlate it with a movie. Like, that song will now forever be tied to that movie. Here are a few of the ones I love. I'd like to know the ones that you like so we can giggle and quote movies all day on my Facebook feed, so please share!

Styx never intended Renegade to forever remind people of Billy Madison spinning a keg over his head.

Dust in the Wind? Fuggedaboutit. Who doesn't think of Will Ferrell singing at Blue's funeral?! "YOU'RE MY BOY, BLUE! You're my boy." Another one from Old School, Master of Puppets. "You tell anyone about this I'll fucking kill you! I'm kidding. I'm kidding. We'll have him back by tonight."

Bohemian Rhapsody. I better not even have to say which movie on that one. If I have to tell you, we cannot be friends.

Take My Breath Away. Uh...hello??? Take MY breath away, Top Gun Tom Cruise!

I really hope you can see these videos I'm including.

Maniac is kind of a twofer...I immediately want to put on my sexy cut sweatshirt and leg warmers (yes, I do have both) and practice my dance moves that are going to get me into ballet school. As a matter of fact, every time that song comes on, I do the Flashdance dance. No joke. I can't help myself. I can do the head flippy thing, but I get really dizzy so it makes for some good unintended physical comedy. If only my ass looked like Jennifer Beals. It also makes me think of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

Simple Minds, Don't You (Forget About Me). Come. On. The best.
"Dear Mr. Vernon,
We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, But we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are.
You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is 
a brain,
and an athlete,
and a basketcase,
a princess,
and a criminal.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,

The Breakfast Club."

*Thrusts fist in the air with enthusiasm!*


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